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Great news! Chongqing International Construction Corporation has won the bid for the $108 million road upgrade project in Kenya.

Published on:2024-03-11  |  Views:

       Recently, Chongqing International Construction Corporation (CICO) successfully won the bid for Construction of EAC Kenya-South Sudan Link Road (A1) Project: Upgrading of Kitale-Morpus Road(The Kitale-Morpus Road Project), with a contract value of approximately 108 million US dollars. The project is located in the western region of Kenya, with the Kenya National Highways Authority as the project owner, funded by Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (EU-AITF).

       The Kitale-Morpus Road Project is part of the corridor in northwestern Kenya, spanning approximately 72.34 kilometers. It is a priority regional highway network connecting Kenya to South Sudan within the East African Community (EAC). The project involves road upgrades, renovations, and the construction of related facilities. Upon completion, it will significantly enhance the region's transportation conditions, further promoting economic and social development in the area. Additionally, it will contribute to the overall completeness of Kenya's national road network, unleashing economic development potential in the surrounding areas and the entire country.

       The successful bid for this project represents a significant step for CICO in deepening its involvement in the joint construction of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and actively supporting the development of Chongqing as an inland open economic hub. Moving forward, CICO will fully leverage its own strengths, continue to implement new development concepts, seize market opportunities, expand new businesses, and steadfastly promote the high-quality development of the group. (By: Xiang Yu)