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Chongqing International Construction Corporation has been awarded the AAA credit rating for Chinese international contracting enterprises for the 13th consecutive year.

Published on:2023-12-15  |  Views:

       Recently, the China International Contractors Association announced the 2023 credit rating results for international contracting enterprises. CICO successfully passed the evaluation and review, maintaining its position as an AAA-rated enterprise for the 13th year in a row.
       In recent years, CICO has consistently prioritized corporate credit and upheld the principle of integrity in contract fulfillment. Drawing on its extensive overseas construction experience, the Group actively participates in the national Belt and Road Initiative, focusing on market development and project construction in key regions such as Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. It has undertaken a number of internationally influential high-quality projects, contributing positively to the well-being of local populations and demonstrating the mission and responsibility of state-owned enterprises.
       The credit rating for Chinese international contracting enterprises is a professional evaluation recognized by the national commerce authorities, organized by the China International Contractors Association and assessed by entities like the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation. This year, a total of 117 enterprises received the AAA credit rating, with 62 companies initially listed and 55 confirmed upon review. (Article by: Qian Ying)