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Deepening Layout: Chongqing International Construction Corporation Accelerates the Development of the Zambian New Energy Market

Published on:2023-09-13  |  Views:

       On September 12, Zhang Botao, General Manager of Chongqing International Construction Corporation(hereafter to be referred as “CICO”), led a team to Jinggangshan, Jiangxi to participate in the Zambian Investment and Tourism Promotion Conference hosted by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, and reached investment cooperation intentions on some projects with the Zambian side.

        The President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema, attended the promotion conference. He stated that Zambia has introduced a number of tax incentives and established a comprehensive import and export incentive mechanism to encourage more foreign investors to enter the market. At the same time, practical measures will be taken to strongly attract investment from China.

       At the conference, CICO and three other domestic companies have reached investment cooperation intentions with Zambia on new energy projects and other emerging industry projects. After the meeting, Zhang Botao met with Mr. Albert Halwanpa, Director of the Zambian Development Agency, and submitted a letter of intent to participate in the Zambian 500MW photovoltaic project and the Lusaka waste incineration power generation project to the Zambian Development Agency. Zhang Botao also met with Zhang Jun, the chairman of the Sino-Zambian Economic and Cultural Exchange Center, the chairman of the supervisory board of the Zambian Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, and the president of the Zambian Chinese Jiangxi Association. Both parties stated that they will continue to strengthen communication and pragmatic cooperation and jointly promote the landing of Zambian new energy projects as soon as possible.

        The person in charge of CICO stated that they will continue to follow the requirements of developing new regions, expanding new fields and implementing new models, and take the new energy project of Zambia as an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of the "Belt and Road" industrial alliance led by the CICO to overseas projects through industrial cooperation, promote key enterprises and institutions in the city to go abroad, and contribute to Chongqing's accelerated construction of an inland open highland. (Text/Picture: Lai Xiaoyu)