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Chongqing Yongjian Construction Engineering Management Co., Ltd.

Yongjian Company was founded on May 4, 2011, and its original name was Chongqing Yongding Construction Equipment Rental Co., Ltd. In April 2013, with the approval of CICO (Y.W.J. [2013] No. 49), it was renamed as Chongqing Yongjian Construction Engineering Management Co., Ltd. with the "Approval for Change of Registration" (Yuzhong City Administration) Registration Number: [2019] No. 031655. The company type is a limited liability company. The legal representative of the company is Yang Mingliang. The registered address is No. 50, Shuangxing Avenue, Biquan Street, Bishan District, Chongqing. The enterprise's unified social credit code is 91500103574808455F. The registered capital is RMB 500,000, of which CICO contributed 500,000 yuan in net assets, accounting for 100% of the company's total registered capital.

The business scope of Yongjian Company includes: Licensed items: construction engineering construction; food sales. (Projects that must be approved in accordance with laws and regulations can only be carried out after obtaining approval from relevant departments, and specific business projects shall be subject to the approval documents or licenses issued by relevant departments.) General items: sales of building materials; labor services (excluding labor dispatch); import and export of goods; technology import and export; import and export agency; wholesale of auto parts; wholesale of hardware products; wholesale of daily necessities; sales of office supplies; sales of metal fittings for construction; sales of daily necessities; sales of mechanical parts and components; sales of machinery for construction engineering; sales of lightweight building materials; sales of sanitary ware; sales of fire-fighting equipment; food import and export; sales of cement products; sales of building decoration materials; sales of tires; consulting and planning services; engineering management services; enterprise management consulting; information consulting services (excluding licensed information consulting services); machinery and equipment leasing; leasing services (excluding licensed leasing services); leasing of construction machinery and equipment; leasing of transportation equipment; wholesale of edible agricultural products; acquisition of primary agricultural products; retail of edible agricultural products; sales of agricultural and sideline products; food sales (only pre-packaged food); sales of traffic and public management signboards; sales of doors and windows; sales of mechanical and electrical equipment; sales of furniture; sales of forestry products; sales of metal materials, engaging in construction-related businesses (operating after obtaining qualifications); sales and technological research and development of building materials (excluding hazardous chemicals); sales of machinery and equipment and accessories.

The company's construction agency project, Chongqing Cuntan Yangtze River Bridge Project, was awarded the National Quality Engineering Award for 2020-2021.