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Consulting the design

A Brief Introduction to Consulting Design

The design department of CICO boasts a team of cutting-edge designers with distinctive design styles. In recent years, the design team has vigorously explored the market, constantly improved the design quality, and completed many design works throughout the country, some of which have been taken overseas, such as Chongqing Chaotianmen International Trade Mall, Yiyun Town in Kaili, Guizhou, Yunnan Monihei Cultural Carnival Town, Industrial Park in Fuquan City, Fujian, Shandong University campus, and the school aided in Rwanda. These works have received widespread recognition and praise from users.

Representing Projects
Chaotianmen International Trade City

The architectural form of the project is mainly concise and bright modern style. Reflecting the characteristics of the times, the architectural form inherits the historical context of Chaotianmen, and the design concept is "set sail" at the city node. The towering building image forms the momentum to ride the wind and waves, reflecting the vigorous spirit of the time in Chongqing.

Daozhen Court

This project is located in the new urban area of Daozhen County, Zunyi City, and is a greening and related supporting facilities project within the land of the first and second phases of the People's Court of Daozhen County. The total area of greening and related supporting facilities designed this time is 12,832.93 square meters, of which roads are 3,875.64 square meters, hard pavement is 2,807.15 square meters, and green space is 6,150.14 square meters.

Fuquan Industrial Park Project

Fuquan Industrial Park, as the basic supporting facilities for preparing to apply for the national industrial park project, was built in 2012 to include Fuquan Public Rental Housing, Fuquan Standardized Factory, Lanxin Graphite Machinery Power Plant and other factories, with a total construction area of 120,000 square meters.

Guizhou Kaili Yiyunmei Town

The design adapts to local conditions, maximizes the dialogue with the natural landscape, adopts diversified architectural monomer differences, and fully considers the overall and uniformity of the planning to maximize the comprehensive benefits of the land. Through the analysis of land use conditions, as well as the research on the current situation and future development trends of the site, the planning and design concept of "creating the integration of nature and the city" is proposed. The core idea is the "New Urbanism" planning concept that originated in the West in the 1990s and later matured in the United States.

Shandong University Campus

"City" and "campus" are juxtaposed, instead of "campus" in the "city". It fully reflects the Chinese Taishan culture and Qilu culture, and also creates a living place with collective memory and emotion for teachers and students, so that it has both classic heritage and contemporary flavor.

Monihei Culture Carnival City in Cangyuan County, Yunan Province.

In order to better interpret the Wa culture, this project focuses on building forms, landscapes, and colors as the carrier, inheriting the material culture of the Wa people's traditional architecture, cattle culture, wooden drum culture, etc.; using text introduction and use functions as the carrier to extract the intangibles of the Wa people culture. People-oriented, through the integration of the building and the surrounding natural resources, the original natural resources are introduced into the area to create a cultural square that coexists with the environment.

China (Chongqing) Yinglong Medical Market Engineering

The goal of this project is to "based on Chongqing, radiate to the southwest, and create a first-class nationwide", and to build a large-scale, specialized, informatized, and integrated pharmaceutical business city that focuses on pharmaceutical display, transaction, warehousing, and distribution, and integrates various related supporting service functions such as business, office, and residence.The scope of the design is 274189.74 square meters of land for China (Chongqing) Yinglong Medical City Engineering Market, with a calculated floor area ratio of 2.5 and a total construction area of 999,399.82 square meters. The residential land is 46591.23 square meters, the plot ratio is 2.5, and the total construction area is 164809.57 square meters.

Relocation of Chongqing Business Vocational College to college town

With the theme of "mountain, water, people and school", the unique landscape resources and human resources of the original topography are used to create an elegant environment, a prominent image, and a vibrant teaching center.